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YOU DID IT! A versatile tile backsplash for your kitchen in about an hour

Sun, May 25 2008


The homeowner had his kitchen redone about a year ago and couldn't decide what to do about the area behind the cooktop stove. This was an issue for her because she loves to cook and didn't want grease stains on the paint. She knew she wanted tile but couldn't settle on color, style or make of it. Also, after renovating the entire kitchen, her budget wasn't what it needed to be to hire someone to come in and do the work.

The homeowner consulted Carolyn Lafferty of Images of Home in Haverhill. She said the solution was to put in a cost-effective tile.


I chose inexpensive tile from a local home store, based on the style and color in the new kitchen, as well as the surrounding areas that are opened to the kitchen. A pattern was chosen for the middle of the design and checkerboard for the surrounding edge. Here comes the simple part. Simply take velcro and apply strips to the kitchen wall and the back of the tile and place in the pattern that you've designated.

No one will know that it's applied with Velcro and not grout. No one will know that you did it yourself in about an hour. The homeowner also loved the versatility of this application. She can change the tile seasonally, if the colors change in her kitchen or if she just wants to take them off and give them a good cleaning. She can totally change all the tile, or she can change just a few for a totally different look and feel. After a guest remarks on how beautiful the new tile looks, you can also shock them by popping a tile off in your hand.

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