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Home Show Shriners-Wilmington, MA

2008 National Award Winner, NRI Conference, Las Vegas

Michael Payne stops by!

My assistant Lisa and I staged a living room complete with a faux fireplace and mantle for the Shriners Home Show.  This was not an easy chore considering the area is basically an enclosed cement football arena with curtain partitions! 

Many people stopped by to chat and have a look at the monitor set up with colorful before and after's.  Questions were answered throughout the day.  The winner of the raffle was Phiche Thompson, she won a One Day Room Makeover.

Several people including other vendors at the show stopped to tell us that we had the best looking booth there!  It was great to meet and chat with you all, see you again next year.

Of course, my favorite part of the event was meeting Michael Payne of Designing for the Sexes on HGTV.  He was the featured speaker there and did a great job.  He walked around checking out the booths and since ours was the only design booth he stopped in to chat and of course smile for some pics.  Thank you Michael!


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